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Message from the Alumni Association President

Ray ScottGreetings,

As I look out into the future with an eye on the past I see the many great things that our alumni have accomplished. I see a new state of the art dental school facility that will be second to none. I see the enhancement of our reputation as of one of the finest dental school and dental research institutions in the world, yes the world. We certainly have many things to be proud of as alumni of UTHSCSA Dental School.

I want to share a few things with you that I think we can accomplish together during my term. 1) Define our purpose and publicize it more effectively 2); Continue to engage the students (our future alumni); 3) Foster more of a culture of recognition of alumni and friends through the establishment of “Distinguished Alumni” & “Distinguished Service” awards; 4) create a synergy between our school and local organized dentistry; and finally 5) raise funds for our new facility. I know many of you look back on your time spent in dental school with some scary memories, some good times and bad- but remember none of us would be where we are today in dentistry without the foundation of the great dental education we received at UTHCS SA Dental School.

We want to hear from you, where you are and what you are doing, really just catch up. Please contact us at 210-567-3177 or e-mail

Ray Scott
Alumni Association President
Class of 1983